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Do you struggle with, Pricing - Profit - Scaling?

Use the Quote Now Job Pricing Calculator to ensure you always make a profit.

Making money is not the same as making a PROFIT!

Quote Now will price your jobs, tell you how long it'll take and write up the scope of work details for you - saving you massive amounts of time and money!

Quote Now will clarify your goals, highlight the skills, systems and resources necessary to achieve these goals and develop a real actionable business plan to achieve your rich life.

Quote Now is your pricing system, business mentor & blueprint for success!

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Use a Job Costing Calculator to ensure you always - make a profit.

No need to estimate jobs anymore!

Pricing electrical jobs is both a science and an art - and we have the solution.

Use Quote Now to price your clients fast, accurately and efficiently - and always make a profit from every job.

Developing powerful electrical apps, a Holistic Business success guidance and providing the most Professional Business resources is what we specialise in and are passionate about!

Quote Now is more than just a powerful user friendly job costing app... Quote Now is really a blueprint of how to run a profitable electrical business -

Quote Now was developed by the founder because there was no such guide or support available when he got into the industry 15 years ago. Quote Now was developed out of necessity and is now a solution for other hardworking electricians who just want more and better for themselves and their family.

Business is not easy... and you don't have to do it all on your own.

To highlight some simple yet disastrous oversights or misunderstandings in business...

If you give a 10% discount on $10k revenue when the gross margin is $5k - you think you are giving away 10% but in actual fact you are giving away double without realising it. The discount is financed by your gross profit which in this case is the $5k. Therefore $1k discount is taken from your $5k gross profit which means that you just gave away 20% of your gross profit margin.

Another example is the problems of not understanding the TRUE VALUE of Opportunity Cost.

Most business owners do all their quoting - and this is good at the start - but as you try to scale, your time becomes more valuable and should be treated as such. A business owner that spends 500 hours every year - valuing their time @ $150/hr has an OPPORTUNITY COST of $75,000 every year.

You can make up all the excuses you want about how you win a lot of these jobs and this is obviously a good thing - but this is not the point here...

Unless you can substitute yourself from the process and reduce the cost of this labour OR reduce the time it takes to do quotes, then the Opportunity Cost is still the same regardless of winning every job - as you didn't charge for this initial quoting time labour and travel expense. This problem compounds even more when you reduce your pricing by giving discounts just to win the jobs.

This Time + Money wasted on doing quotes - for many businesses can make the difference between making a profit and not and to the extreme of even staying in business.

Quote Now will:
1. Help you clarify real tangible Goals and set real actionable targets
2. Develop your Social Marketing and Sales Targets to guide any spending in these areas -
with the focus on developing your very own zero-cost re-occurring lead generation engine.
3. Correct and Automate your Pricing to ensure you are always profitable.
4. Help you give more quotes without wasting your time
5. Write your quotes up for you accurately and instantly - saving time.
6. Guides you with building a successful team
7. Provide a Simple, Professional, No-Cost payment method
8. Scale your quoting process beyond yourself for exponential growth
9. Go through a checklist of all the skills, systems and tools required to achieve your set goals.
10. Be your constant guide and mentor and will align you with as many additional resources and supports to help you grow your business and give you the life you want.

Quote Now is a job costing and business success software that lets you know how long jobs should take and how much to charge based on your business overheads, team talent level and financial goals.

Our software has made job costing so simple that business owners can now scale much easier by delegating this task to internal team members and in some cases even outsource this task completely with confidence!

Our simple interface will help you price jobs correctly in seconds and in a way that makes it easy for clients to understand. No need for writing up quotes - Quote Now calculates the numbers for you and during the process completes the scope of works so that you never have to write up quotes ever again!

Quote Now helps you understand the true cost of running your business; corrects your pricing and provides a means for scaling your business beyond you the owner.

All staff work differently; every job is different - so if you want to make a profit on every job - then be precise when costing every job.

Quote Now will save you tens of thousands every year and possibly a decade of pain!

You know you don't want the same poor results... so what are you waiting for?

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