Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
This document dated 18th July 2023 lays out the “Terms & Conditions” of the Quote Now Website, Tools, Products and general information.

To date - the website currently offers - FreeTemplates, Free Tools, General Information and Courses (as stated below). As we are constantly developing and building other tools and products (both free and paid), which will be released as partially complete and complete versions but that will always require updating, fixing and improving - all information is intended to help solve common problems found in business and in the specific trade and any information missing or that is found to be incorrect is to be taken as a mistake and not intentionally done or withheld to mislead - therefore all information and products provided by QuoteNow are to be considered as guides only and not as advice.

Quote Now changed its business model officially on the 1st December 2023 and has since been in the development phase of its new products and services. In general - Quote Now aims to develop support products and services to trades looking to start their own business or trades who have their own business but have struggled and just need some guidance. The company (in its infancy) may require patience by you the customer as we aim to assist you and your specific needs and problems.

The following is a breakdown of the Products we currently provide and below will display other services/products that we aim to provide in the near future: 

Services currently provided:

Job Costing
1. Demo - A functional but very limited version that doesn't require any sign-up. The Demo version was designed to give potential users the ability to test out the product without signing up to anything. Once you download the (OAA) app from the app store - you do not have to sign up to access the demo version. Once the potential customer sees how the app works - then they can either "signup" and access the "Freemium" version OR immediately "Upgrade" to have the Quote Now team build a customised version for your business.

2. Freemium - The Freemium version allows users to view the product and get a feel for the product before upgrading to the complete and custom version.

3. Paid - Full access to a custom built version of the program - that has all the available tools and features.

Business Success (Courses)
- Currently this product is in development and will be developed in 3 core phases:

a. “Book” Version- the book version is a text version of the course and may include diagrams, images/photos, templates, references and other attributes. This version is due to be ready for official release late 2023/early 2024.

b. “Video tutorial & example” version - the initial “Book” version will lay the foundation of the more interactive and visually stimulating “Video tutorial & example” version. This version is expected to be developed and released by the end of 2024.

c. Free or Paid - Currently the focus of our courses is to be all available Free for members who subscribe to both our website and social media or which ever support we ask of our members. These requirements will be a way for Quote Now to finance the provision of this information for Free. 

- Templates are purchased with a licence but may be available free for different packages and specials.

Other Services & Products we aim to provide:

Partner Benefits
In addition to your subscription - we aim to get you other benefits that will assist in your business and personal life.

Some of the benefits include networking & Community Benefits, Materials pricing benefits, Equipment, Courses/Mentoring, Home Loan& other finance supports, Investment ideas and opportunities, Holiday rental properties / accomodation stays and more.

Latest Update: Monday 17th July 2023

Glossary ofTerms:
1. QuoteNow – QUOTE NOW PTY LTD also known as the “Company”

2. Company– Is the legal entity offering products and services to the “Customer”.

3. Customer – Is the legal entity or person using our products and/or services or purchases our products and/or services.

4. Trade– Customers or people who are qualified and legally licensed and identify as aTrade professional, skilled in their industry and area of work.

5. We – generally refers to the “Company” and/or the team of staff or management team that are required to implement or execute any work that produces an intended action or result.

***This document is under constant updates as we launch over the next 6 months. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the products or services; feel free to contact management at contact@quotenow.com.au***