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1. Job Costing app
- Fastest and most Accurate way to price jobs with Profit
- No need to write up scope of work details for quotes/invoices
- Scale your business by having others price jobs for you, correctly and consistently.

*If you're thinking of starting your own small electrical business - then this product is for you!

Wait till you see all the extras included!!!

All standard electrical apps and templates below (available and coming soon) - are Included Free in your membership.

2.Electrical Testing app

- Electrical (IR) testing app (Free video guides coming soon) - Available

AS3000 Tables apps
3. Max. Earth Fault Loop Impedance (Table 8.1 App) - Available
4. Max. Resistance of Final Sub-circuits (Table 8.2 App) - Available
5. Max. Cable Route Lengths (Table B1 App) - Available
6. Min. Copper Earthing conductor size (Table 5.1 App) - Available

AS/NZS 3008 Cable selection apps
7. Table 4 App (Two single-core) - Available
- Other tables coming soon

EXTRA BONUS for members who subscribe before 30th June 2024
- 8. Maximum Demand (All AS3000 tables and guides) - Coming soon
- 9. SWMS + JSA app - Available
- 10. AS3000 Index - clause finder app - Coming Soon

- All other AS/NZS 3008 Cable selection Tables Apps
- Rental Property Safety Checks (Vic) - Available
- Includes:
- Electrical - Available
- Smoke Alarm - Available
- Gas - Available
- Rental Minimum Standards - Available

- Business Success guide - Coming soon
Feedback and Access:
If you have feedback or would like a specific table or calculation tool built or you want to turn one of your own spreadsheets into an app for less than a cup of coffee per month - feel free to reach out at contact@quotenow.com.au
Business Pro
$2,000 per month

50% OFF

$1,000 / month billed yearly
A smart job costing tool that tells you how long jobs should take, what you should charge and why - based on your specific overheads, team talent level and profit goals. Through our simple to use, pre-designed drop down interface - your proposals will be both detailed and easy to read for both your team and your clients. If you want more consistency in your business; more Time and guaranteed profits - then stop wasting your time doing quotes. Let "Quote Now" be your guide to a profitable business.

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